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Backed by over a decade of science and proven results. What was once first developed for Commercial and Fleet vehicles is now being brought to the public for personal use.



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With CEO Lance Conrad

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WOW + Fuel Tabs 2pk - $99

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Fuel Boosting Govvi Study


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Boost by Govvi is a High-End First-In-Class Fuel Catalyst Tablet Used In Diesel or Gasoline Engines

You Can Expect Up To 20% Average Increased Mileage With Up To 40% Emissions Reduction

As Little As $3-$5 Per Tank Of Gas Can Save You Over $20 With The Fuel Mileage Increase

The Secret To Making Fuel Last Longer Is Paying Less At The Pump

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Govvi members have reported up to 15%-20% more miles per gallon on average. One tablet treats 15-20 gallons of gasoline or diesel and is registered with the EPA with over 650 million miles tested so you can feel confident it won't harm your engine.


Our formula was developed by Nobel Prize-winning chemists and has been shown in tests to reduce harmful emissions and exhaust by 40% on average so you can feel good about helping the environment.


Boosts octane levels by 5 points providing further savings for vehicles requiring premium fuel and reduces harmful carbon buildup in the engine which lessens maintenance costs.

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33 Minutes (Govvi Intro at 13:42)

Gas Prices Jump To Record High Not Going Down Anytime Soon - Truck Drivers Quitting in Record Numbers as Gas Prices Soar - Rising Gas Prices Causing School Bus Expenses to Skyrocket. Govvi Fuel Boosting Catalysts are arguably the single most effective means of increasing engine power, improving fuel efficiency, decreasing diesel engine emissions, and extending the life of your expensive engine all with an attached reward program.

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The Only Thing Better Than Saving At The Pump Is Earning Money Every Time Someone Else Fuels Up!

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Govvi Boost Q and A

Dr. Roberto D Celaya explains the science. He has a bachelors in mechanical engineering, an MBA in global management, and has five years of experience working with this fuel catalyst.

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Professional Pack Includes Thirty-Five Pack (175 Tablets)

$499.95 US (Special Subscriber Price)

This works out to be $14.30 per pack ($20.70 off retail price.)

Less fuel consumption lowers operating costs, the single greatest expense related to heavy equipment and commercial vehicles.

Govvi Fuel Boosting Catalysts are arguably the single most effective means of increasing engine power, improving fuel efficiency, decreasing diesel engine emissions, and extending the life of your expensive engine.

Not only does fuel with lower combustion rates wear out injectors and pumps prematurely, but heavier fuel cuts can create combustion chamber deposits which will reduce the life of cylinder rings and liners. 

Unburned fuel creates a variety of problems. Diesel fuel is intended to cool and lubricate fuel injection systems. Poor lubrication will result in excessive wear and the eventual failure of injectors and fuel pumps. As not all unburned fuel is forced out of the end of the tailpipe, it collects and adheres to the internal components of an engine and a fuel injection system.

Nothing — not even unburned fuel and containment deposits — reduces the life of an engine to a greater degree than heat. Poor combustion efficiency in fuel results in a loss of power. 

In order to operate a vehicle or machine at optimal power levels, the driver or operator must increase an engine’s revolutions per minute (RPM) when using fuel with poor combustion efficiency.

Higher RPM equates to higher engine temperatures. High temperatures stress gaskets, rings, and the metal alloy mechanical features — those that are the most expensive to replace — as no other operating variable can.

While stressing an engine with medium-high temperatures for a short period of time does not typically damage an engine significantly; doing so repeatedly, year after year significantly reduces the life of an engine.

Govvi fuel boosting catalysts allow an operator to run an engine cooler, without losing power, for longer periods of time, while decreasing carbon build-up on the engine, thus extending the life of the engine.

This ultimately decreases company overhead spent not only on fuel but on the costs associated with normal wear and tear on the engine and parts.

As a result, these long-term savings are astronomical!

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Govvi Technical Doc


Our revolutionary, super-concentrated fuel catalyst helps break down large hard-to-burn fuel particles, capturing more energy from the fuel, resulting in maximum fuel economy with reduced emissions.

Reduces Harmful Emissions | Boosts Power & Performance | Cleans Carbon Deposits | Improves Fuel Stability | Improves Fuel Burn | Improves Mileage

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Innovation For The Planet - Opportunity For All

Up to 20% average increased mileage with up to 80% emissions reduction. As little as $5 per tank of gas can save you over $20 with the fuel mileage increase.

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When you increase the fuel surface area it helps to ensure more complete combustion of the fuel. This results in greater conversion of the fuel into heat and power and greatly reduces CO2, CO, HC, NOX, and emissions.

Most fuel additives on the market have five basic ingredients – Sulfur, Hydrogen, Carbon, Nitrogen, and Oxygen – the same constituents as fuel.

Boost's Fuel Tab technology is completely different and was thoroughly reviewed by the EPA in order to be registered for use with both gasoline and diesel fuels.

You can expect:

15 to 20% increased mileage – (it harnesses more energy from each fuel molecule)

Up to 80% emissions reduction – (more of the fuel at a molecular level is consumed)

Increased power in any Diesel or Gasoline engine!

91 Octane gasoline can be replaced by 87 Octane without changing performance.

Longer maintenance cycles between oil changes and particulate filter replacements (on heavy trucks and machinery) along with fewer impacts on emission systems and equipment.

Future carbon deposit build-up is eliminated.

Pre-existing carbon build-up is also eliminated, without using a single detergent.

Longer life on all components exposed to combustion such as; fuel injectors, valves, pistons, etc.

Boost by Govvi utilizes a proprietary technology of Organometallic chemistry.

The purpose of a fuel catalyst is to generate more complete combustion of fuel by breaking up the fuel clumps in the fuel. The reason fuel contains clumps of fuel molecules is that the molecules have an electrical charge. It is the polarization of these fuel molecules that causes them to clump together. Because of this clumping, air cannot reach the molecules on the inside.

Black smoke or soot is the result that occurs when large amounts of fuel molecules escape through the exhaust without being burned.

Govvi Boost eliminates the polarization binding the fuel clumps together. When the fuel clumps break apart the molecules are ready for oxygenation which results in more complete combustion.

The catalyst increases the uniformity of the fuel molecules making it possible for the injectors in the engine to oxygenate fuel more efficiently.

Our 5th generation catalyst performs like other previous-generation technologies can't on modern vehicles equipped with on-board diagnostic (OBD) systems and advanced emissions control systems.

Hydrocarbons used in petrol (gasoline) are given an octane rating which relates to how effectively they perform in the engine. A hydrocarbon with a high octane rating burns more smoothly than one with a low octane rating.

In order to raise the octane rating of the molecules found in petrol (gasoline) and so make the petrol burn better in modern engines, the oil industry rearranges straight-chain molecules into their isomers with branched chains.

This is essentially what Govvi Boost does by allowing the gasoline to burn more complete thus raising the octane level, decreasing carbon build-up, and an extreme reduction of toxic emissions.

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The proper use of reputable quality fuel and oil additives DOES NOT void car warranties.

We understand why you might be concerned if your car dealer, unaware and misinformed about this legal matter, warned you that additives would void your vehicle’s warranty.

HOWEVER, under federal law, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) cannot void your warranty simply for using a product.

Rather they must demonstrate and prove that the damage they don’t want to cover was caused by the use of that product. This consumer protection is afforded by the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act.

With the extensive testing over 12 years, this Premium Fuel catalyst leaves a cleaner system and can not be detected. EPA registered and tested.

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1. Are the GOVVI tablets registered with the EPA?

Yes, this is required in order to sell a fuel-additive in the United States. This product has been registered since 2009. It took a lot of time and money to get through the registration process, because, unlike other fuel additives that can be registered by submitting a list of ingredients, the EPA had never seen a catalyst-type product before, so it had to undergo a lot of scrutinies to get registered.

2. What makes the GOVVI tablets unique, as compared to fuel additives you see at the automotive stores such as Autozone, Pep Boys, Walmart, etc.?

These products are a completely different technology than the GOVVI tablet. The obvious first difference is the size and weight. Other products are typically in liquid form, and they come in 8-12 oz. bottles. Our product is a 1-gram solid catalyst that works completely differently. The other additives are known as fuel “conditioners” that, in order to get through EPA registration, have to contain one or more of five ingredients that are already found in fuel. So they are simply adding more of what is already found in fuel, such as sulfur, etc. The GOVVI tablet is a catalyst that can do a tremendous amount to the chemistry with a very small amount of product. It is a very active product that changes the process of the burn in the combustion chamber. Ordinary fuel additives do not do that.

3. How do the GOVVI tablets actually work?

What a catalyst does is it lowers the ignition temperature of the air/fuel mixture. This means the fuel starts burning earlier and it sustains for a longer period. If you can start burning earlier and burn for a longer period of time in the combustion chamber, you are going to get more energy out of the fuel, and more of the fuel will be burned efficiently, as opposed to inefficiently, which is essentially your car’s emissions. The goal is to get as close to a burn rate of 100% as possible, and with the GOVVI tablet, the consumer is able to get their vehicle’s fuel burn rate very close to 100%. This results in more energy, better mileage, and fewer emissions (pollution) coming out of the tailpipe. So the product gives your vehicle a more complete burn.

4. Are there any other benefits of using the GOVVI tablets?

In addition to saving money from the increased mileage, we have seen emissions reduced by as high as 85%. Because there is virtually no carbonization and complete combustion, the vehicle engine, and the oil and filters will be cleaner for longer than without the product. This can result in less maintenance of your engine. However, the primary benefit is increased power and improved fuel economy.

5. Are the GOVVI tablets compatible with both gasoline and diesel engines?

Yes, they are compatible with both gasoline and diesel engines, as well as all grades of fuel. They are even compatible with racing fuel (octane 110 or more). In the case of diesel engines, the engine and its components will experience a reduction in the amount of soot in the engine and that which is coming out of the tailpipe. You will also see a reduction in DEF fluid (urea) as a result of it cleaning up the emissions and lowering the temperature of the engine, and therefore the exhaust.

6. Can using the GOVVI tablets void my vehicle’s warranty?

This question comes up often, especially on the industrial side of our business where it is being used on multi-million-dollar pieces of equipment. It cannot void a vehicle’s warranty. There is legislation in the U.S. called the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act that specifically prevents a manufacturer of a vehicle from voiding a warranty just because somebody used an additive. In other countries, this falls under the Consumer Protection Act. Many of the famous brands of additives would not be around if there was no such legislation in place. All we are doing with this product is improving the fuel quality and allowing the engine to run more optimally. We have been marketing our products for 15 years and we have product liability insurance because of the nature of the customers we serve. We have not had a single liability claim in 15 years of business.

7. How can I be sure that the GOVVI tablets will dissolve in the fuel?

After you have filled up your tank and you begin driving, the natural agitation of the fuel in the tank results in the tab dissolving in a few minutes, regardless of the type of fuel or the temperature.

8. How do you use the GOVVI tablets with hybrid vehicles?

The GOVVI tablet would be used just like you would with a gasoline engine vehicle, the difference being that the benefit is realized when the gasoline engine is running, which is as much as 85% of the time you are driving. You will see a slightly lesser mileage benefit than you would with a gasoline engine; however, you will still enjoy the benefits of lowered emissions and lower maintenance costs.

9. Some people experience a 10%-20% improvement in gas mileage while others say they don't experience a clear benefit. What are the reasons for this discrepancy?

There are several factors that have a bearing on a vehicle’s fuel efficiency, such as the number of stops and starts, time at stoplights, acceleration when changing lanes, wind, etc., so achieving a scientific apples-to-apples comparison is a little difficult. Make sure that you are accurately measuring your fuel mileage using the GOVVI app found in your back office. Some factors that play into fuel performance are the type of engine, as well as the quality of the fuel in the tank. The better the quality of the fuel, the less improvement in mileage you will see. The lower quality of the fuel used, the greater the improvement you will see. The GOVVI app accounts for all the data you input and reports an accurate mileage measure.

Some of our customers report increased power so they are able to drive up inclines faster than they could normally, but this does not translate to better fuel efficiency, rather it allows them to cover more uphill ground faster. Mechanical problems with your engine could also play a role in this. The most important thing is that most people will experience more savings than what they pay for the product, and then they will enjoy all the other benefits discussed here.

10. Have any tests been conducted in a controlled environment to determine the benefit of the GOVVI tablets?

Since we market to many industrial customers, we have conducted hundreds of thousands of dollars of testing with primarily diesel engines, and these are carried out under stringent conditions by 3rd party labs. We have seen consistent savings of 3%-15%.

11. How do you recommend putting the GOVVI tablets in the tank if you have a double capless tank?

One way is to insert the GOVVI tablet behind the flap, and then as soon as you insert the fuel nozzle, it will push the GOVVI tablet into the tank. You can carefully place the GOVVI tablet on the end of the fuel nozzle before inserting the nozzle into your tank.

12. How much of the GOVVI tablet should I use, and is it possible to use too much?

You want to use one tablet per approximately 15 gallons, so it could be 13 or 17 gallons. We recommend that you do a double dose on your first tank full to get a cleaning of the engine, and thereafter one tablet per approximately 15 gallons. If you have a 25-gallon tank, you can use two tabs, in other words, you cannot overtreat your tank and there is no harm in using a little more. However, there is no added benefit in using more tablets just to try and get more mileage.

13. Can the GOVVI tablets help with smog checks?

We have heard several testimonials from customers who had older vehicles that had failed a smog check, but after running one tank on the GOVVI tablets, went back and passed. In some cases, the results came back showing zero emissions. This outcome means that the engine went from a failure to zero in emissions. There is no guarantee that everyone can get through a smog check this way.

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